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Sustainable tourism practices


Sustainable tourism practices acknowledge all impacts of tourism, both positive and negative, and aim to minimise the negative and maximise the positive. 


RAD KI has taken this notion very seriously and from the word 'go' has done everything in its capacity as a business to develop and create not only a sustainable enterprise, but also one that can be considered a true "eco-tourism" venture.


According to the Global Ecotourism Network, "Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and creates knowledge and understanding through interpretation and education of all involved." 


At RAD KI we strive to fulfil this pledge in the following manners:


  • We support the local community by using predominantly local Kangaroo Island businesses for all of our catering and other needs such as printing, website design and marketing. From our organic smoked chicken, to our olives, honey and dried figs, most of what we eat and drink on board is sourced within walking distance of our home base at Stokes Bay. 


  • There is no single use plastics on board, lunch is served in bento boxes, and each guest is gifted an aluminium drink bottle and a marine safe sunscreen tin to take home with them. 


  • We have strived to learn as much as we can from Traditional Owners, geologists, marine biologist and long term scientists about our area of operation and the flora and fauna therein so as to be able to relay this to our guests. 


  • Each tour is a citizen science survey which adds critical data to the slim database of knowledge that surrounds our areas of operation, helping our partners in their research efforts. 


  • Our main aim on every tour is to create an awareness in people of the fragility and beauty of the incredible KI wildlife we encounter above and below the water, with an aim to promote protection and conservation for generations to come. 

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