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Where is the departure point?


All tours leave from Stokes Bay Boat Ramp, and guests will be greeted at the Rock Pool Cafe at Stokes Bay.


How do I get to Stokes Bay?


Getting to Stokes Bay requires you to have your own transport. Allow 90 mins from Penneshaw, 60 mins from Kingscote and 30 mins from Parndana.


If you do not drive or have no means of transport to Stokes Bay, just let us know and we can help you arrange something.


What do I bring?


•   Hat (that stays on at speed ;))

•   Sunglasses (preferably polaroid to help you see below the surface)

•   Marine safe sunscreen (provided onboard also)

•   Lip balm

•   Water and wind proof jacket (we do provide waterproof jackets on board)

•   If you wish to swim or snorkel bring your swimming costume/wetsuit, snorkel, fins and towel (spare towels, fins and masks provided on board if needed)

•   Cameras and phones with lots of spare memory and fully charged! (We can charge phones on board)

•   Sea sickness pills if you are prone to this. Often such medication should be taken prior to being on the water, so please read the instructions on the label.


** please try to keep what you bring with you to a limit as the dry storage areas on board are not large.


Do I need to bring food?


No - the tours is fully catered.


On arrival you will be given your own 500ml water bottle to keep, and additional top up water will be available throughout the day onboard.


Delicious home made snacks will be distributed throughout the day and a gourmet lunch featuring local Kangaroo Island and Fleurieu Peninsular produce will make up the majority of your bento box meal.  Please advise us in advance of any dietary requirements.


You are welcome to bring additional beverages, however no glass bottles are permitted onboard. Please limit your alcohol intake as this can be detrimental to your balance and effect others onboard.


Will I get to swim with sea lions, seals and dolphins?


If the conditions are deemed safe by the skipper and the animals are showing interest in us, yes!


However given the area of operation and the nature of the vessel, this activity is only really suitable for proficient swimmers, snorkelers, free divers and divers.


But even if you don’t get into the water, you will get to enjoy our stunning marine mammals up close and personal from the comfort of the vessel.


Is there mobile phone and internet coverage?


No. We operate in a remote area with very limited, if any phone reception.


Our meeting point in the morning, the Rock Pool Cafe at Stokes Bay, does have internet and phone reception however so we ask you to please make any contacts you require prior to boarding.


We do have radios, an EPIRB and a satellite phone for emergency communication on board however.


What if the wether is bad?


The weather and sea conditions paly a big role in RAD KI’s tours.


We monitor the weather closely. If we have concerns about the weather and your safety prior to the day of your tour, we will contact you to either delay, reschedule or cancel your tour.


Yet as good seamanship suggests, the skipper may also decide to change the tour to a later starting time or even a full cancellation of the tour on the day itself.


Full refunds apply if we cannot get you out onto the water, but safety will always prevail.


What can I expect to see?


What you will see: Some of the most breathtaking coastlines you will ever encounter. With towering cliffs pushed and formed into gigantic formations over 550 million years ago, caves, stunning beaches and bays and just a kaleidoscope of consternating colours of the land, sea and sky. 


Animals we usually see: Most tours we see up to three species of dolphin, the endangered Australian sealion, long-nosed fur seals, a variety of raptors including the white bellied sea eagle, the wedge tailed eagle and the nankeen kestrel. We encounter a multitude of oceanic birds such as gannets, turns, oyster catchers, mutton birds, gulls, cormorants and an array of fish.


Animals we often see: Osprey, little blue penguins, peregrine falcons, albatross, and whales in season (from September to November). We see both humpback and southern right whale species

often during this time.


Can I go on one of your tours if I have limited mobility?


You will be required to walk down a boat ramp, hop into an inflatable tender vessel to get to the mother ship and move from one vessel to the other.


That said, if you are game enough we can probably get you on board! We have had guest with all kinds of mobility ailments still manage and thoroughly enjoy the day! Once on the main vessel, there is no issue with mobility.


Is the tour suitable for children?


Well that depends on your kids!


We do highly recommend a private charter if you have little ones however, as if we are three hours away from home we cannot just simply turn back if other paying guests are on board.


We have had multiple children 3 years and up on board who have absolutely loved it and have had no issues at all. But it was only their family on board. The landscape and animals change throughout the day and the vessel is incredibly stable….most days even stable enough for a nap ;) 


Due to limited seating on the vessel we do have to charge full price for children.


How do I book?


Just fill out the form online and we will be in touch. Or give us a cal! We are old school and love to chat with each of our clients personally.


What is the role of Citizen Science on your tours?


Each RAD KI tour is a citizen science survey.


During the day we will be asking you if you would like to help in the collecting of data for our partners in research. This itself is entirely up to you however. If you are keen. Great! If you would just like to sit back and enjoy that great too.


For more about RAD KI’s Citizen Science involvement click here.


Do you do private charters?


Yes! RADIKAL is perfectly set up for private charters which give you exclusive use of the boat with a knowledgable skipper at the helm and additional staff if required.


You can hire RADIKAL as a private family or group and do one of our regular tours, or we can tailor the charter around your specific desires.


Example charter groups:


•   Photography groups above and below the water (our specialty)

•   Research groups, with discounts for multiple days on the water

•   Dive charters with 4-5 divers

•   Romantic couple charters (with options of secluded beach seafood/champagne lunch)

•   Birdwatchers and twitcher groups

•   Tour company charters

•   University, TAFE or Educational groups

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