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Our Partners in Citizen Science

Kangaroo Island / Victor Harbour Dolphin Watch

Images and video footage are collected, identifying individual dolphins by distinctive dorsal fins and body markings. Vital data is recorded on movements and habitats creating a sustainable, longitudinal study of international significance.

Happy Whale

Engages citizen scientists from around the globe to identify whales and track their voyages.  With close to  200,000 identified encounters and over 77,000 individuals identified and tracked, a global understanding is now emerging though hight conservation science and education.

DEW Kangaroo Island

monitoring sea birds, coastal raptors & the Australian Sealion


Every observation of the natural world is shared with scientific data repositories that help scientists compile critical data and open up conversation about the findings.

Atlas of Living Australia

Opening up Australia's biodiversity data via a communal portal with over 100 million occurrence records for all to access.

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