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Roanna & Phil

Life in nature is their life all day, everyday.

Roanna and Phil are residents of Kangaroo Island. They love the ocean. They love nature. They love showing people what magic exists when we stop to look closely at our planet. 

With years of experience as tour guides on Kangaroo Island and Tonga, they bring an expertise to the RADKI tours that is beyond expectations.

They live a sustainable, quiet life giving back to the community, nursing injured wildlife and enjoying the world around them.

RAD KI works exclusively in a Mission Blue Hope Spot

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island, and one of immense biological significance. A plunge beneath Kangaroo Island’s crystalline waves reveals a bursting rainbow of life – lucky divers can spot animals like striped reef fish, radiant sea stars, enigmatic jellyfish, pods of 100 dolphins and several threatened and endangered species. However, not unlike many other marine ecosystems, it faces the threat of ever-growing human interference.

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