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RADKI offers guests a rare insight into the largely unexplored North Western coastline of Kangaroo Island. By being on board our customised 8 meter Zodiac rib RADIKAL, you will witness some of South Australia's most vulnerable yet iconic marine and coastal species up close and personal.

Our tours are for those passionate about the marine environment. Join us for a unique experience as a Marine Citizen Scientist where you will actively contribute to increasing knowledge, awareness and improving conservation efforts for this volatile marine and coastal environment. Or just sit back and enjoy the wild world of Australia's temperate Great Southern Reef.


We specialise in educational and environmental discovery tours along the North Coast of Kangaroo Island.


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There is so much to see and discover along the unspoilt coast lines of Kangaroo Island. Check out our gallery!


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Stories from RADKI Guests

Best marine tour company on Kangaroo Island with a great team of people, I would highly recommend.

If you're looking for a unique adventure, showing you the best of the wildlife and wild coast of Kangaroo Island, then I could not recommend Ro & Phil more highly. With so much experience and passion, it's an unforgettable experience with the chance to see so many amazing animals, but also to learn about them and maybe even contribute to research that will help protect them. Get out there and get exploring on Radikal!! 

Alice Forrest - Marine Biologist, Conservationist and Wildlife Guide

Such a great team! Best time inthe water and so much local knowledge. If you love nature, you can't miss this experience!

Angel Grimaldi, 
Wildlife Photographer


"...a wonderfully rich ecosystem with incredible biodiversity - a veritable marine wonderland."

Sylvia Earle